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Welcome to the Scottish Traveller Education Programme (STEP)

STEP’s purpose is to promote inclusive educational approaches for families from Travelling Communities in Scotland. We are based at Moray House School of Education, part of The University of Edinburgh, and work closely with Gypsy and Traveller Communities and educators throughout Scotland. The Scottish Government funds STEP through its Supporting Learning Unit.

Scotland’s Travelling Communities are not a single group, but are, rather, diverse communities with different histories, traditions and cultures.

Please note: The STEP website is being reviewed - please bear with us during this process.

At STEP we aim to:

  • Improve educational opportunities for Travelling Communities in Scotland: Gypsies/Travellers, Showmen and other Travellers, more recently including Roma

  • Encourage development of a diverse & flexible range of educational opportunities for Travelling Communities in Scotland

  • Promote development of inclusive approaches to support diversity in education, and to address racism, harassment and bullying

  • Enable educators, and others, to respect Travelling Communities in Scotland and learn about their diverse histories, cultures and traditions, as well as their contemporary cultural practices and living circumstances.

We work toward these aims by:

  • Providing information, advice & support (where possible) to professionals engaged in enabling Scotland’s Travelling families to access education

  • Listening to and representing families’ views about education

  • Compiling customized boxes, supplied by, which can be used by educators and Travelling families.

  • Developing a practical research base, as negotiated with the Scottish Government

  • Promoting and supporting (where possible) inter-agency working between local authorities, health care professionals, educators, and other key public and voluntary agencies, to encourage more effective and accessible service provision for Travelling Communities.

  • Highlighting & responding to educational issues relating to Scotland’s Travelling families in Government guidance, legislation, policy and other reports;

  • Sharing information, knowledge and good practice with colleagues elsewhere in the UK, and internationally

  • Publishing a STEP newsletter. Download the September" 2014 newsletter (PDF)

For more about STEP and its history, click Background and Staff.

Just published:

National Guidance March" 2014
Inclusive Educational Approaches for Scotland’s Travelling Communities within the Context of Interrupted Learning: guidance for local authorities, schools and support services (PDF), the second edition of the National Guidance, is updated to take account of Curriculum for Excellence.

My Learning at a Glance (PDF)
This updated My Learning Record aims to make it easier for pupils and teachers to plan learning needs as families move to new schools. It allows teachers to record a pupil’s achievements and learning stages in a format that families can carry with them when they move.

A copy of each school’s record should be kept for putting into each pupil’s Personal Pupil Record file to help support a child’s continuity in learning.

Strategies/Information leaflets – for school enrolment, for parents, for children and for class teachers
This small pack contains downloadable PDF leaflets with information about school and learning: